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The Lofts Farm Project site in the 1990s

The Lofts Farm Project

In 1978 a one year old Maldon Archaeological Group commenced an eight year project which was to reveal a host of exciting discoveries. The Lofts Farm site extended over 110 acres of Essex farmland all destined to be quarried for gravel.

This rescue archaeology was mostly carried out by local volunteers with help and encouragement from many archaeological professionals and especially the Essex County Council. More information about the Lofts Farm Project and other Maldon discoveries can be found here

Online Data Archive

Online Version of Archive DVD - This now contains high resolution scans of over 1000 slides as well as interim reports, notebooks, plans and drawings.

Join in the archaeology here ... and now

Many interesting and important discoveries were made around Lofts Farm in the early 1980's, many are yet to be published. This Web site as an excellent opportunity to make them better known and collect useful information to aid the understanding of the archaeology.

Here are six Lofts discoveries displaying very distinctive characteristics, parallels must exist elsewhere. Please click the pictures below and join in with some real archaeology!


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Bronze Age 'Barrow' ?

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Prehistoric container pit?

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Early Iron Age Barrow

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Iron Age Hut Excavation

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Iron Age Hut in a Hut?

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Pear Shaped Iron Age Hut?

Need some more?

OK, you've done those six. There are plenty more to show so just let me know on the Pitcalc feedback page.

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