Pear Shaped Archaeology!

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Round House without walls?

Here we have evidence suggesting a round Iron Age structure with an east facing entrance - but no corresponding ring ditch or supporting post holes. The main part of feature LFN480 was a very round and shallow sunken area. There were no signs of a surrounding wall or fence which surely existed at the time and therefore no indication that this round structure was ever roofed.

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Stratigraphy for a change

The archaeology at Lofts was well spread out and rarely did we have discernable stratigraphy. However the pear shaped feature LFN480 was an exception. Large ring ditch LFN440, pear shaped LFN480 and internal enclosure ditch LFN442 were a succession of Iron Age features which did not co-exist.

To see the excavation site sketches re LFN480 stratigraphy click here .

Pear shaped feature plan
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