Early Iron Age Barrow

Central Grave Pit with Upright Pot

This burial was discovered in typical rescue circumstances. The top of the pot was first spotted while clearing up at the end of a Saturday's archaeology session. The gravel company would continue to clear away topsoil from this very spot early Monday morning - leaving just one day to excavate and investigate the burial - LFP809

First view of grave pot

First view of Burial
Dusk 27th Oct. 1984

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Excavation in Progress
Noon 28th Oct 1984

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Grave Pit Excavated
8 pm 28th Oct 1984

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The morning after
7am 29th Oct 1984

Barrow Plan
Headlight Archaeology

Digging progressed all day Sunday and on into the darkness when it started to rain. It became a car headlight excavation. A very early start on Monday morning gave one last photo opportunity.

A very truncated outer ring ditch LFP808 was also plotted and partially excavated. Careful emptying of the pot contents did not reveal any more finds or evidence of burning.

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Some Background

From the 1984-85 Interim Report you can see the burial is only 75 meters from a Bronze Age Barrow and 150 meters from the Lofts Farm Late Bronze Age enclosure, published in Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society , Vol.54, 1988.

Due to the depth of topsoil stripping, evidence of the ring ditch "entrance" is not as certain as other ring ditches discovered at Lofts Farm. However, the post hole like pit LFP91 was definite and is at the mid-point of the 'possible' entrance.

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