Iron Age Hut and Trackway

House and a Landscape

This ring ditch was clearly visible on aerial photographs from day one of the Project. Excavation revealed a gully ring ditch with internal post holes. Broken pottery around the round house's east facing entrance provided vivid evidence of the Iron Age occupants.

Excavation Plan
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Finished excavation - July 1983

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Round House and Trackways

The Pottery Finds

The pottery is hand made and includes rim shards with finger tipping. It suggests an occupation date of around 150-100BC.

Metal Detector Finds
Working on hoard in situ
Close up view of hoard in situ
Antoninus Pius (138 - 161 AD)
Barbarous Radiate (Circa 300 AD)

Important discoveries may have been missed if the area had not been pre-scanned by an experienced metal detectorist.

Hoard with ring and shield binding fragments

Found just inside the ring ditch circumference, an exciting Lofts Farm discovery which deserves a dedicated section. Evidence from other sites and inter-locking arc decoration on the ring suggest a date of between 50BC to 50AD. You can read more in Lofts 1981-83 Interim Report.

Roman Coins

Two coins, one of Antoninus Pius (138 - 161 AD) and the other a Barbarous Radiate (Circa 300 AD), were discovered by metal detector over and near to the trackway to the west of the round house LFN 301.

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This page is seeking information of similar Iron Age round houses which are so clearly associated with a trackway system.

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